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Lodge Room in Bhubaneswar

Looking for a lodge room in Bhubaneswar that feels like home?

Look no further than Gokul Bhawan; an affordable, clean lodge room provider for the best experience in Bhubaneswar. It is located near Lingaraj Temple, Old Town, BBSR.
At Gokul Bhawan, we understand the importance of a hassle-free booking experience. For that, we simplify everything you just need to give us a Normal call/email with our contact details for the Hotel in Bhubaneswar. Don’t worry, about anything after that just relax we also have free Wi-Fi for your official work and also a shuttle service to smooth your transportation in Bhubaneshwar.

Explore the Lodge Room in Bhubaneswar

Gokul Bhawan isn’t just about a place to rest your head; it’s an indulgence of your comfort at an affordable price. Our hotel lodge rooms in Bhubaneswar are designed to exceed your expectations.

Single Lodge room in Bhubaneswar

Single Lodge Room in Bhubaneswar

Feel at home in our Single Room at Gokul Bhawan, Old Town Bhubaneswar designed just for you. Choose between AC or non-AC for a comfy stay. Enjoy a peaceful retreat with all the things you need to relax. One of the best room options in Bhubaneswar is if you coming for a meeting or to explore Bhubaneswar. We have also shuttle services so don’t worry about transportation. For mind freshing you can visit Lingraj Temple in the Morning and evening you can enjoy the side of Bindu Sagar.

RS 1000.00 Per Night

Deluxe Lodge Room in Bhubaneswar

Step into Comfort with our Deluxe Room at Gokul Bhawan. It’s a fancy space with nice furniture and modern comforts. Perfect for any visit, business or fun. Stay in style and Comfort Hotel in BBSR.

Best Deluxe rooms and lodges in Bhubaneswar, If you are a small family and plan to visit BBSR and explore the city wisely. Then, you are at the right place you can stay for a while and enjoy each part of Bhubaneswar. We care about you staying smoothly.

RS 1499.00 Per Night

Double Deluxe Lodge Room in Bhubaneswar

Get extra space in our Double Deluxe Room at Gokul Bhawan. Great for couples or anyone who likes more room. You’ll have a big, comfy bed and all the things to make your stay awesome. Whether you’re a large family or you are a group of people who plan to fix your yearly excursion with your people in Bhubaneswar, then Gokul Bhawan, Old Town, Bhubaneswar one of the best choices. You can stay here for a long with an affordable budget-friendly lodge room to enhance your Bhubaneswar exploration experience.

RS 3499.00 Per Night

Call now, for your best hotel booking experience with Gokul Bhawan: Lodge Room in Bhubaneswar.

Our lodge room is near to Bhubaneswar Railway Station around 2km and near to BBS Airport appx  4km.

Explore more places Near Lodge Room in Bhubaneswar Gokul Bhawan, Old Town

Some of the below places that you can plan to visit, while you staying in the old town of Bhubaneswar

Lingaraj Temple, Old Town Bhubaneswar
The Lingaraja Temple stands as a prominent tourist magnet in Odisha, drawing visitors from far and wide. While you coming to Bhubaneswar don’t forget to visit this temple. And from Gokul Bhawan,  it’s only 500 Mtr with walking.
Dhauli Hill 
Dhauli Giri Hills is known for Dhauli Shanti Stupa. One of the most visited places by visitors. It’s nearly a 7-8 km distance from Gokul Bhawan, a lodge in Old Town, Bhubaneswar. You can visit and enjoy the joy + peace of the environment. Don’t worry about cab and transportation, we have a safe shuttle service for your happiness.
Biju Patnaik Park, Bhubaneswar
If you like warm mornings with a fresh vibe don’t miss this park, Take a leisurely walk, try out exciting rides, or simply soak in the peaceful surroundings. It’s just 3-4km near from Gokul Bhawan Hotel.
Bindu Sagar, A pond in Old Town Bhubaneswar
This pond is side to Sri Lingraj Temple, you can come you take 5-10 min of peaceful sitting while you are in Bhubaneswar. And then you can visit Lingraj Temple too. ely fell in love with this place’s atmosphere.

 Gokul Bhawan Room

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